SOXO pink hot water bottle heater with a unicorn cat


The SOXO hot water bottle in a sweater will warm you up on cold autumn evenings and more. The soft material on the outside wraps the body with pleasant warmth. A high-quality product will ensure comfort during compresses.

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Product data:

✅Capacity: 1.8 l.

✅Material composition: contribution: 37% natural rubber; cover: 100% acrylic.

Give yourself a little pleasure and choose a cozy hot water bottle with a cute pattern. Fill it with heated water and feel the blissful warmth and peace surrounding you. Thanks to it, rest will be truly relaxing. You can use it recreationally or during muscle aches. It’s a great gift idea!

  • Filled with warm water, it will help soothe the pain associated with tense muscles. It will help with cramps, soreness, stomach pains, menstrual pains.
  • Pleasant warmth will help to warm up on cool autumn-winter days and relax after a hard day. There is nothing more pleasant than resting under a warm blanket with hot tea.
  • Useful when you are sick.
  • You can fill it with cold water and use it as a cooling compress for bruises or migraines, etc.
  • The hot water bottle is in a soft, colorful cover, from which it can be removed.
  • The cover is decorated with a cute unicorn cat that will quickly dispel all sorrows!
  • The hot water bottle has a large capacity: 1.8 L, thanks to which it can hold a large amount of water and keep the desired temperature for a long time.
  • It is made of a material with rubber that lasts for many years.
  • Such a colorful and soft hot water bottle is a great gift idea!

Instructions for use – filling the hot water bottle:

  • grasp the hot water bottle by the inlet neck
  • hold the hot water bottle vertically
  • slowly fill the hot water bottle with water up to about 2/3 of its capacity
  • ATTENTION! DO NOT USE THE BOILER (max. Temperature is 60 degrees Celsius)
  • squeeze out air slowly until water can be seen from the inlet
  • screw the cap as far as it will go (DO NOT TURN)


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