Red hot water bottle SOXO heater


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The unique SOXO hot water bottle, red with a heart is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife! She will certainly appreciate its performance and will use it often. It is also a nice warm-up gadget to help with muscle aches.

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Give a gift to a loved one a unique gift, that will express the most tender feelings! A red hot water bottle with a heart is an item that will take care of a loved one and help in unpleasant situations. A perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day, birthday!

A hot water bottle is a practical item, that will come in handy in various life situations. It is irreplaceable in soothing pain.

  • Filled with warm water, it will warm up sore muscles, thus relieving menstrual pains, spine pains, root pains and many others.
  • It can also become a gadget that will make cool autumn and winter evenings more pleasant. It will help you relax after a day and relax tense muscles. Do not forget to take it on a trip, during the winter holidays. After hours on the ski slope, it will be nice to warm up with it and a cup of hot chocolate. It’s good to always have such an item with you, wherever you are going.
  • The hot water bottle can be filled with cold water. Then it will serve as a cold compress to help with bruises or lowering the elevated temperature.
  • The hot water bottle is made of a very durable material, thanks to which it will serve for many years. It is placed in a soft cover, which you will be happy to hug.
  • The hot water bottle is large: 1.8 l, thanks to which the water in it does not cool down quickly and can cover even a larger part of the body.

Instructions for use – filling the hot water bottle:

  • grasp the hot water bottle by the inlet neck
  • hold the hot water bottle vertically
  • slowly fill the hot water bottle with water up to about 2/3 of its capacity
  • ATTENTION! DO NOT USE THE BOILER (max. Temperature is 60 degrees Celsius)
  • squeeze out air slowly until water can be seen from the inlet
  • screw the cap as far as it will go (DO NOT TURN)

1 review for Red hot water bottle SOXO heater

  1. Greta

    Labai jauki šildyklė, atrodo būtent taip kaip nuotraukose, tikrai nenuvylė + labai greitai pristatė.

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