Hot water bottle SOXO reindeer in sweater | warm warmer | super gift | for Christmas


SOXO reindeer thermofor will provide comfort, warmth and safety. It will come in handy during long cold evenings, muscle aches, or even as a soft pillow. Looking for an idea for a Santa gift?

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Product data:

✅Capacity: 1.8 l.

✅Material composition: contribution: 37% natural rubber; cover: 100% acrylic.

Cheerful thermofor Reindeer in sweater is a unique gift for Santa or Christmas. Cute thermofor is a super gift idea. Thermofor in an original knitted fabric resembling a knitted sweater. Soft and comfortable will allow you to relax in no time after a hard day. You can take it on the go and enjoy comfort anywhere on earth. Choose your dream warmer today and spend the autumn and winter period with it. With the Soxo warmer, winter will not frighten you, because you can take it to work, school or simply use it at home.

The hot water bottle, although it resembles a cuddly toy, has a very important task. First of all, it helps relieve pain, especially muscle pain. That is why it is a very useful gadget.

  • In the case of adults, it is worth applying it on a sore spine, neck, sore muscles, sore muscles after a demanding training or on the abdomen.
  • Filled with cold water, it becomes a cooling compress that will soothe bruises or help lower body temperature.
  • It is worth remembering about him during holiday trips. It will help you calm down in stressful situations and fall asleep at night.
  • Made of solid, rubber material that ensures its durability for years. It is covered with a pleasant-to-touch material.
  • A hot water bottle is a good idea for a practical and cute gift for mom, wife or sister on many occasions.
  • The hot water bottle is large: 1.8 l, thanks to which the water in it does not cool down quickly and can cover even a larger part of the body.

Instructions for use – filling the hot water bottle:

  • grasp the hot water bottle by the inlet neck
  • hold the hot water bottle vertically
  • slowly fill the hot water bottle with water up to about 2/3 of its capacity
  • ATTENTION! DO NOT USE THE BOILER (max. Temperature is 60 degrees Celsius)
  • squeeze out air slowly until water can be seen from the inlet
  • screw the cap as far as it will go (DO NOT TURN)


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