Hot water bottle Harry Potter Owl SOXO Original product of Warner Bros.


The Harry Potter Owl hot water bottle flew to us straight from Hogwarts. Its magical properties will help you relax and unwind after a hard day. Give it to your loved ones and enjoy their comfort every day.

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Product data:

✅Capacity: 1.8 l.

✅Material composition: contribution: 37% natural rubber; cover: 100% acrylic.

Enchant your world and your loved ones with magical moments of relaxation with the Harry Potter Owl hot water bottle! Its magical properties will allow you to rest and move to platforms 9 and 3/4, where you will set off on a journey to the wonderful place of Hogwarts. You will spend amazing moments that will bring you relief and relief from pain, allow you to dream and enjoy life as much as possible. If you are looking for a gift for a fan of the adventures of Harry Potter, this hot water bottle will be a great choice. Not only will it provide great relaxation by wrapping it with pleasant warmth, but also its decorative motif will make it a favorite gadget of the recipient.

  • The hot water bottle is in a soft, plush, white cover. The cover has an opening at the back, which allows you to take out the hot water bottle.
  • A soft hot water bottle will be useful in every home! It will help to warm up on cool autumn and winter evenings and make relaxation, for example, in front of the TV or while reading your favorite book.
  • It is worth taking it with you on a trip. You will feel at home with it and its warmth will lull you to sleep.
  • It will quickly deal with muscle pains: menstrual pains, joints, spine, soreness, etc.
  • Filled with cold water, it can be used as a cooling compress for bruises or migraines.
  • The capacity of the hot water bottle is 1.8 liters.

A hot water bottle with an owl from Harry Potter is a great gift idea! Fans of this magical place will especially be pleased with it. Harry Potter has also gained fans among adults, so it will appeal to friends, husband and friend. There are many opportunities to give it to your loved ones. Choose it as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Boyfriend’s Day or Women’s Day.

Instructions for use – filling the hot water bottle:

  • grasp the hot water bottle by the inlet neck
  • hold the hot water bottle vertically
  • slowly fill the hot water bottle with water up to about 2/3 of its capacity
  • ATTENTION! DO NOT USE THE BOILER (max. Temperature is 60 degrees Celsius)
  • squeeze out air slowly until water can be seen from the inlet
  • screw the cap as far as it will go (DO NOT TURN)


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